In the Classroom Activities for Renoir

In the Classroom Activities for Renoir

Below is a list of all of the “In the Classroom” activity ideas throughout the Luncheon of the Boating Party section of the Prism.K12 website. Click on the title of each section to see those activity ideas.

Renoir’s Ambition
• Everyone’s a Critic

Who’s Who in the Painting
• Perspective Poems
• Setting the Scene

Looking Closely at Composition
• Inviting the Viewer into the Picture
• Soundscape

The Maison Fournaise
• Contemporary Boating Scene
• Paintings and Postcards as Primary Sources

Renoir’s Process
• Reading Text, Reading  Art
• Reflecting on Your Artistic Process

A Technical Tour de Force
• The Science of Color

The Science of Process
• Interview a Conservator
• Letter Writing

Le Weekend
• Advertising Poster
• Leisure Time: Then and Now

Suburban Fashion
• Fashion Design