Tools & Games

Teachers at National Forum, 2011


With Prism.K12 interactives

Experiment with Prism.K12 strategies! Shake Up K12 provides a fun way to brainstorm ways to integrate the arts into your lessons.

Use Prism.K12 strategies to enhance an existing lesson or to help you start from scratch. Prism.K12 strategies can help you brainstorm a single lesson or a longer unit. Roll the virtual dice and brainstorm arts-integrated lesson ideas. You may also log in to save and share your lesson idea with other educators and on social media!


Before You Begin

  1. Review the Prism.K12 strategies.
  2. Explore lesson ideas developed from the Prism.K12 educator community (log in to view).
  3. Consider your lesson goals:
    • In what subject area(s) do you want to revamp your lessons?
    • How will this lesson or unit benefit from arts integration?
    • How can arts integration help reach certain standards?
    • How will the arts-integrated lesson cater to multiple learning styles?
    • How can you tailor the lesson for a specific grade level?


How to Play
Follow these simple steps to play the Shake Up game:

  1. Choose a series of artwork from The Phillips Collection (or log in to choose your own artwork).
  2. Roll the dice to choose the Prism.K12 strategy, subject area, and specific artwork for inspiration in developing your lesson idea.
  3. Brainstorm your lesson ideas, considering:
    • What are your goals and objectives for the lesson?
    • What content do you want students to learn?
    • What skills do you want students to develop?
    • How will you encourage collaboration and/or independent learning?
    • How will you reach students with multiple learning styles?
    • How can the lesson educate but also excite and engage students?
  4. Share your lesson idea on social media.
  5. Expand your lesson seed into a plan in your school’s format