Math Shapes

Math Shapes

Math Shapes

Autism class

Elizabeth Lutz, teacher

Tyler Elementary, DC Public Schools


To study similarities and differences.


  1. Compare and contrast an artist's visual language (such as line, shape, color) and any written words about a work of art. What is similar? What is different?
  2. Analyze the similarities and differences between scientific drawings and an artist's drawings of the same subject, carefully considering purpose, message, and medium. 

In the classroom

In The Phillips Collection galleries, students compared geometric shapes to artist Paul Klee's painting Way to the Citadel. Notice how this class is deeply engaged in math concepts by using the Prism.K12 teaching strategy Compare. Special education teacher Elizabeth Lutz deepened this comparison of art and math through a multisensory project in which her students used collage, painting, and stamping techniques to create their own Klee-like geometric abstractions.