The Cycle of Life in Three Ecosystems

The Cycle of Life in Three Ecosystems

The Cycle of Life in Three Ecosystems

Fifth grade

Keri Anne Piester, teacher

Takoma Education Campus, DC Public Schools


To contextualize and associate using varied information and perspectives. 


  1. Research primary sources (artists' letters, newspaper articles, photographs) from the same time period as a work of art. Discuss how these historical sources contribute to and deepen understanding of the subject. 
  2. Introduce an artwork to the study of literature, poetry, theatre, music, or dance, and consider how they deepen understanding of each other. 
  3. Identify and calculate mathematical measurement of shapes, angles, and scale in a work of art. 

In the classroom

The watercolor painting above was created as part of a fifth-grade unit on ecosystems. Collectively, they demonstrate the Prism.K12 strategy Connect by weaving together science and art curricula. Notice how the students visually describe the various ecosystems and the interconnected cycle of decomposers, producers, and consumers, as well as visual art concepts of color, line, and shape.