Guiding Principles

SYNTHESIZE: Combine concepts to develop a new idea, reach a new understanding, or create something new.

Guiding Questions

Ask these suggested guiding questions to use the strategy SYNTHESIZE:

  • How can you use what you have learned to create something new?
  • How has what you learned allowed you to reach a new understanding?

Suggested Activities

Newspaper Caption

  • Write a newspaper headline for the artwork that captures the most important elements of the artwork.
    • Consider what you would want people to remember about the artwork.
    • You may want to consider thinking about how you could convey the artwork to a person who wasn’t looking at it.
    • Pay close attention to your descriptive words and details. 

New Title

  • Have students write a new title for a work of art.
  • You could make it a game by showing them 3-5 works of art. Each student selects an artwork and doesn’t tell anyone which one they have chosen. Then they share their title and the rest of the class can try to decide which work of art it refers to. 

Word Power

  • Ask students to say or write on a notecard adjectives to describe a work of art.
  • Discuss why they picked their words, having them provide evidence in the artwork.
  • Synthesize their words to determine one word that best describes the work of art.