Teaching with Prism.K12

Teaching with Prism.K12

Teachers at National Forum, 2011

How To Get Started

Prism.K12 can be used to plan a single lesson or a longer unit, and it can be used to enhance a current lesson or help you start from scratch.


1. Select a lesson or standard of learning on which to focus and choose an artwork, artist, or part of the art education curriculum (such as the elements of art--line, shape, color, etc.) to weave into the lesson.


2. Some questions to consider:

  • What are your goals and objectives for the lesson? Is it primarily content or skills based?
  • How will you encourage collaboration and/or independent learning?
  • How will you reach students with multiple learning styles? How can the lesson educate but also excite and engage students? 


3. Select a Prism.K12 strategy that helps you achieve your goals. The strategies are not hierarchical. One lesson might include one or more strategies, while a longer curricular unit might include multiple strategies. 


4. Build your lessons. Bravo for trying an arts-integrated teaching approach!